Easy, DIY Movie Storage

Who doesn’t love a good movie night at home? What I don’t love, is the packaging that the DVDs or Blu-rays come in. They take up so much space to store and packing up all of those cases for moving is a real pain. After our last PCS (military move) I decided I was done having 8-10 boxes designated only for our movies. We’re big into movies in this house, but I was sick of the space that they were taking up so I decided to come up with a better storage solution.

The result are three cute, but practical boxes containing all of our movies that fit nicely into our entertainment center. It’ll only took a few products and a couple of hours to majorly improve our storage situation. The best part is, this system is incredibly easy to maintain and the products I used were very cost effective. If you’re looking to change how you store all of those movies piling up around your home, then let me help you 🙂

What You’ll Need:

**Side note: If you take the plastic off the outer DVD cover, almost all cases are recyclable! It made me feel a lot better about pairing down and getting rid of the bulky cases.


Time to Organize

We have well over 300 DVDs, and since having our son, we’re rapidly approaching 400 with all of the kids movies. I’ll tell you how I store kids movies further down the post. To get started, gather all of your movies. Go through them and sort them into piles alphabetically, or however you’re categorizing them, but I did mine alphabetically. Once you have all of your movies in piles, go through and set aside any duplicates. Turns out, from combining our collections when we got married, we had two complete sets of the Harry Potter movies. I’m not complaining by any means, but we really didn’t need both collections.bad moms dvd in a plastic sleeve held by a hand

Once you’ve gotten rid of your duplicates, go through each pile and alphabetize that individual group. All of the movies in the ‘B’ pile start with ‘B,’ but now you need them going alphabetically even further. This may seem a little time consuming but you only have to do it once and then when you reach for ‘Bad Moms’ you know to look towards the beginning of the ‘B’ section rather than the end.hand holding a protective plastic sleeve

After you’ve gone through all of the piles, it’s time to start putting the movies into the protective sleeves. The plastic sleeves that I use and linked above, come in packs of 100. I’m glad I bought four, since we ended up having a lot more movies that I originally thought. They’re pretty cheap and a worthwhile investment, if you ask me.

Put each movie in a plastic sleeve and write the name of the movie on the top strip with a sharpie. Sharpie or other permanent markers are the only things that stick to the plastic. Pen will just smear; learn from my mistakes haha. If you have a set of movies in a series, like Cars, you can utilize the back of the sleeves too, since they’re double-sided and save yourself some space. This also works great if you buy a movie that comes in the DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack, so you can store them together.


Storing & Filing Your Movies

The hard part of going through all of your movies is over; now all that’s left is to put them in their new storage bins. This is where the storage file guides come in handy. The guides contain cards A-Z along with a few others that you may need. Take the ‘A’ card, put it in front of all of your movies starting with ‘A,’ then file your movies behind it in alphabetical order. Follow suit for the rest of your movies. Like I mentioned earlier, I needed three bins to store my movies and extra plastic sleeves. Right now my bins are labeled A-F, G-P, and Q-Z, but they get rearranged a lot as we add more movies.

You might notice that you have a few movies that started with a number, for example, 50 First Dates. You could either store those with the letter the number corresponds with, so ‘f’ for fifty, or store all number titles together after ‘Z,’ like I did. This was a lot easier for us, plus they storage cards come with extra filing cards to use.

If you have kids and therefore plenty of Disney movies, then I have another storage idea for you. At first, I had all of my son’s movies filed alphabetically with our regular movies but it wasn’t working well. I had a hard time remembering which movies he had, so I decided to put them all together. I have them filed after my ‘Z’ movies. This way I can see what movies he has without having to sort through three different bins. They’re still organized alphabetically, just all in one location. It has helped a ton!

That’s it. All of your movies organized in one manageable place. This system makes it easy to add more movies.

Happy Organizing!


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