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We all know that monthly subscriptions boxes have taken over the world, and while I remain skeptical about most of them, I wanted to talk to you about one that I actually do love and use. I’m completely obsessed with the Grove. If you don’t know what the Grove is or how it works, let me explain.

The Grove Collaborative is a company that works with other natural, ethically responsible companies to bring you their products at a discount. A shipment is sent to you full of products that you choose (and often a freebie!). You can choose the frequency of your shipments and what goes into them. I’m honestly surprised every single family member of mine doesn’t use the Grove, given how much I talk about it. Below is a picture from my latest shipment that arrived yesterday. Some of the items are repeat favorites but many are new products that I’m continually trying out and adding to my home. Grove Collaborative and Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products

In each box they send you a packing slip to make sure that your order is correct. One time it wasn’t and not only did they send me the product but they included a second product free because of the mix up. Their costumer service is impeccable.Some of the products are things that you could buy at your grocery store or Target. The appeal of using the Grove’s shipments is that I get a reminder that my box is going to ship and I walk through my house and figure out what I need more of and what can be moved to the next shipment. That’s just one of the awesome features they have.

Another huge appeal to me is the savings! Yes, products do go on sale in store but every product on the Grove is being sold to you at a discounted price. I buy Method products at Target, but they don’t always have the scents I want and they’re more expensive. You have to know by now that if I’m saying I choose the Grove over Target for cleaning supplies that I mean business. I love Target more than any other store but the Grove has just changed how I shop for certain products. Below are some of my favorite products for my home, for my son, and for me. These are all products that I love and use on a daily basis.


For the Littles:Babyganics bath products for babies and toddlers

  • Babyganics Night Time Shampoo & Body Wash– This shampoo and body wash smells so good that I’ve used it myself on occasion. It comes in a pump bottle, perfect for keeping a hand on your little one. My son has really sensitive skin and this wash leaves his skin soft, smooth, and bump free!
  • Seventh Generation Baby Moisturizing Lotion– 7.6 oz. 9.99/11.99 (16%) I’ve only used this lotion a handful of times but I’m already hooked. His skin is still soft hours later and the lotion has never given him a rash. I also have sensitive skin and have used it myself and love the subtle coconut smell.
  • Babyganics Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50– Once I find a brand I like, I’m pretty loyal to them. I’ve been using Babyganics on my son since he was born and will continue to do so. He’s never gotten sun burnt so I’d say this sunscreen does it’s job. It goes on thick, which I love, and lasts a long time before needing to be reapplied.
  • Badger Balm Anti-Bug Shake & Spray– I get eaten alive by mosquitoes and unfortunately I passed that down to my son. Bug sprays have so many chemicals in them though that I don’t want to use on him. This Badger Balm bug spray is my new best friend. It works well without all of the harmful chemicals. It comes in a small enough bottle to throw in my purse or diaper bag. I use it on my little guy and myself.


For the Home:

  • Grove Collaborative Crystal Clear Glassware Cleaner– I’ve used a lot of different brushes to clean my glasses and this one is my favorite! The handle is long enough, the sponges are replaceable, and IT WORKS! No streaky glasses!
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap– Besides Dawn for the super greasy messes, this dish soap is all I’ll ever use. It smells fantastic and it’s free of all of the chemicals I don’t want in my home.
  • Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner– I swear I’ll never use any other wood floor cleaner. This almond squirt and mop cleaner gets all the sticky messes off my floors and gives my entire house a cozy almond smell in the process. It’s so easy to use; literally squirt the liquid on the floor, then mop.
  • Grove Collaborative Blood Orange Hand Sanitizer– 6.95 8 oz. with pump This hand sanitizer is a god send for a germaphobe like myself and it doesn’t have that terrible medical smell. It truly does have a wonderful citrus scent. They have a travel size I plan on buying before our Disney trip.
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap– My favorite scent was the fall holiday cider scent but they’re all phenomenal! The soap leaves my hands feeling soft rather than dried out, like most soaps.
  • Grove Collaborative Walnut Scouring Pads– These scouring pads have changed the way I clean my kitchen. For less than $4 for a pack of three, they are in every Grove shipment box I receive. I use them to clean all of my sinks, my stove top, the inside of my oven, even my grill! They get all of the gunk and grime off without damaging the surface.
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner– I have both the holiday peppermint scent and the honeysuckle. Both smell amazing and both leave my kitchen super clean…until my husband and son mess it up again that is!


For me and my guy:The Grove Collaborative products

  • Method Foaming Body Wash– This ruby orange body wash is the best smelling product in the whole world! It gets my skin clean without being irritating. And it comes in a pump bottle!
  • Grove Collaborative Essential Oils– I’ve been using essential oils for a little over a year now and the Grove’s are just as good as the name brand ones but for far less money! My favorites are orange and peppermint. Can you tell I like certain scents?
  • Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm– This lip balm is the bees knees…pun intended. It’s hydrating and provides a nice tint without being a full on lip gloss. I also have one on me these days, especially in the winter.
  • Grove Collaborative 8 oz. All Natural Soy Candle– I only burn soy candles in my home. They don’t give me headaches like other candles full of chemicals and they burn longer. The Grove Collaborative brand candles smell amazing! You occasionally get them free when you spend a certain amount on your shipment. I got a Balsam & Fir candle free with my shipment before Christmas. It made a great hostess gift!

The Grove just recently released a set of skincare products for men called Bulldog Skincare for Men. I ordered my husband a bunch of their products to try. He has to shave every day because he’s in the military and his skin is sensitive and gets extremely irritated. We’ve tried a ton of products without results. Given my unconditional faith in the Grove, I’m hoping these will finally be the products that work. I’ll let you know what he thinks of them once he’s had a chance to try them out. Our newest shipment just arrived with them. Fingers crossed they work!

I hope that you found some great new products here and that you give the Grove a try! They really are a wonderful company and I’ve had nothing but good experiences since I started using them. Shopping for household products is now easier and cheaper and I know I’m using environmentally friendly products that are good for my family.

For $10 off of your first order, use this link The Grove provided me with a referral link so I will earn credits to use in the future if you use my link. You’ll be getting $10 towards your first shipment. When you join, the Grove gifts you a Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day trio full of the great products I mentioned above. You have nothing to lose and only wonderful products to gain!

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