Top 10 Organizational Products from 2017

Hi friend! Last week on the blog when I told you a little bit about my goals for 2018, I promised a round up and inside look at my favorite organization items and tools. Like I mentioned last week, I love to organize. So much so actually that it’s kind of embarrassing. Quick story time. When I was 13, so peak teenage years right? I asked my grandparents for school supplies for my birthday. I loved and still do love office supplies, organizers, planners, and basically anything organizational. They make me happy, especially when they’re aesthetically pleasing and of course, they’re functional so they theory make my life easier.

My top places to get organization containers and products are Target, IKEA, HomeGoods/TJ Maxx, and Amazon. You can’t beat Amazon’s two-day prime shipping or Target’s amazing brands. I love me some TJ Maxx and HG but I don’t like that you can’t guarantee a product will be available. I find something I love and can never find it again. And of course, IKEA can do no wrong in my book. Great, quality products for a very reasonable price. Those are my favorite places to get organizational items, now let’s talk about the products. Without further ado, here are my go to organizational products.

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Planners & Family Organization

A Simplified Life by Emily Ley


A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living This book by Emily Ley without a doubt, changed my life and the way I view possessions and clutter. If you’re looking to simplify your home, mind, heart, relationships, family routine, then Ms. Emily’s book is what you need. I can’t say enough good things about this book. BUY this book if you want to make some serious changes to your life.

weekly planner notepad

Rifle Paper Co. Weekly Planner Desk Pad– These weekly snapshot pads are lifesavers! I use one a week for meal planning and appointments and another for blogging/IG commitments. I still have a planner I use daily but this is great to highlight the big stuff and give you a simple overview of the whole week. Sometimes I even schedule cleaning that needs to be done. Sometimes. The possibilities for these sheets are endless and for less than $10, they’re a great organizational tool.

magnetic calendar chalkboard with a wooden border

DesignOvation Beatrice Framed Magnetic Chalkboard– This gorgeous chalkboard calendar is both a decor piece and an organizational tool! I love when necessary tools fit seamlessly into the decor. I’m a chalkboard girl all the way. I’ve had whiteboards and there’s nothing wrong with them but I really do love using chalk. This board also comes in a darker wood stain and a white. It’s so versatile and will last you for years while not being an eye sore.



Storage Containers

Threshold white 6-cube organizer shelf

Threshold 6-Cube Organizer Shelf– I have like six of these throughout my home and I’m amazed at how people organize their spaces without them. These organizer cubes come in different colors as well as a different number of bin spaces. I have 6-cube ones, 9-cubes ones, even a massive 12-cube option! The storage bins that fit this size cube organizer can be found here in many different colors! My favorites are the navy blue and the gray. They’re so inexpensive and I’ve had a few of them for over five years already, so they definitely last.

Target's Pillowfort brand woven decorative storage basket with white details

Pillowfort Handwoven Decorative Basket– I love these baskets! They’re from Target’s kid brand Pillowfort but I’m saying they’re not just for kids! I have four of them in the storage section of our media center. They hold all of our video games, chargers, and extra remotes. I think they’re the perfect size and can easily fit into any decor style.

IKEA gray storage box with lid

Kvarnvik Box with Lid– These storage boxes from IKEA changed my media center. So we’re big movie people, like my husband has been banned from the five dollar movie bin because he has no self control. We bought three of these bins and took all of our DVDs out of their cases, put them in plastic sleeves, and then put them in these bins in alphabetical order. They’re the perfect size for movies and we easily have well over 300 DVDs in three bins. I’m telling you, these bins were worth every penny…and they weren’t even a lot of pennies!

gray diaper caddy

Diaper and Wipes Caddy– This diaper caddy changed my life as a new mom. To be able to have all of your diapers, wipes, ointments, even spare pacifiers in one portable location was a game changer. My son is officially a toddler but this handy caddy hasn’t been put away yet. We still use it as a way to keep a few diaper essentials in his playroom. Who knew something as simple as a caddy would make parenting soooo much easier?

white fabric utility tote

Household Essentials Canvas Utility Tote– I couldn’t find the exact laundry tote I bought. HomeGoods purchase problems. I found a similar tote on Amazon and it’s even cheaper! This tote has changed my outlook on laundry. We have a metal hamper, which I love, but it’s a major pain (literally) to drag down two flights of stairs to the basement. These totes are so much easier. They have large handles for carrying and are soft so no more banged up shins. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time.


Threshold round fabric storage bin

Threshold Round Fabric Bin– Love, love, love these bins! I have them all around my house to store blankets, dog toys, throw pillows, and kid toys. Threshold did it again, creating a gorgeous bin that adds a pop with the texture while still being neutral enough to fit into any decor. I buy a few more every time they go on sale (which is pretty frequently!)


whtie metal recycling bin from IKEA

Knodd Bin with Lid– Hear me out on this one cause I know it’s just a metal bin. We live in an area with an amazing recycling system and I love it! What I don’t love was trying to figure out where to put our day-to-day recycling items so I didn’t have to constantly run outside to the big bins. I found this metal beauty at IKEA and it works great! It’s cute, very farmhouse style, smaller than our trash can, but still holds a ton of bottles and cardboard. We empty it out every couple of days and can easily spray it out with the hose if it needs clean. It might not seem like an organizational product but it got all of the empty milk cartons and mac n’ cheese packages off my counters so I’d call that good organization.


I could keep going on and on cause I have so many different organizational bins and systems but these are my top 10. What are some of your favorite pieces to make your home more functional and pretty? Leave me a comment below with your favorites!

Happy Organizing!

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